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Superb Fit Out Panels

Make a statement with your chosen panel design. Luxury Antonovich Design has created several handpicked pieces that are extremely beautiful and superb. In order to create a gorgeous feel, we crafted a unique design that goes to different kinds of style and personality. Our wide extent of panel creator is how we pass on a beautiful panel treatment. What sets us different in the business is our promise to passing on advancing a unique panel design for our clients, their style and personality in which we work. Take a look at our work and see our designs for yourself.

Katrina Antonovich - Award-Winning Fit Out Designer

The panels are more interesting because of the details that we put into it. Our Fit-out team has a reputation for coordinated effort, quality, and execution. The panel treatment is a unique touch that helps create a stunning and luxurious feel. On the other hand, the panels also make space appear larger than it really is. Since Luxury Antonovich Design loves doing luxury stuff that gives off a feel of extravagance and personality, we used classic panels that feel like a unique creation that could easily stand alone. This creation by our world-renowned team can also create the illusion of a larger space and also create more depth in the room and the overall space. Our fit-out panel designers abide by guidelines and bearings. Given our master learning in an arrangement, workplace, trade and planning orders, Luxury Antonovich Design utilizes that experience to help pass on uncommon results.

Try our unique panel designs! These panel finishes can give your home a makeover in a snap. Luxury Antonovich Design can change your panels into a forefront plan. In Luxury Antonovich Design, we have crafted several designs that open up to a larger feel and style. However, our panels are always stunning and beautiful. We like to spruce up walls and panels and we do it by providing stunning detail with a beautiful creation.

Luxury Antonovich Design's panel fit-out administration contains itemized information, process steps, particular requirements, security and condition controls, which have been set up by our expert planners. The panels look entirely beautiful because of the brand-new design treatment, stainless depth, and clean design. The clear panels on the bedroom design is a unique treatment for any home. Typically used in association with bedroom enhancements, where the base improvement is done by the planner, and the last fit out by the client. We have hands on the board approach to manage each panel design. 

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