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Stained-Glass Lighting Design And Art Glass Lamps


Stained glass lamps from Luxury Antonovich Design is an exquisite method of using stained-glass that creates a unique atmosphere in the interior. You can order the production of stained-glass lighting for ceiling, wall and table lamps, so that the usual utilitarian element of the interior will turn into a work of art. At the same time, all requirements are met in the manufacture of electrical products, so the stained-glass lamp will last for a long time and will be reliably. The most common stained-glass are performed in Tiffany technique, i.e. made up of pieces of multicolored glass. For decorative shades, author's painting or fusing is also used (sintering of glass granules into a single whole).

Katrina Antonovich - World Leader In Interior Design And Decoration

Exclusive stained-glass lamps performed by our stained-glass artists from Luxury Antonovich Design can be either ceiling chandeliers or floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces. They can be built into the ceiling and wall panels or individual stained-glass products, can be large ceiling shades or luminous capitals of columns.

Team Of Interior Designers Leaded By Katrina Antonovich

Stained-glass lamps by Luxury Antonovich Design occupy a special place in the range of lighting devices. The main element of the stained-glass lamp are stained-glass inserts, which are made of pieces of glass of different configurations, different colors, sizes, textures, interconnected using different technologies. Under the influence of light rays there is a game of multi-colored glass, creating comfortable lighting.


Lamps with stained-glass from Luxury Antonovich Design is something that is inevitably associated with delicate taste and home comfort. Pieces of glass, like paints in the painter's palette, mix and form colorful natural motifs. Lamps enrich the interior of the rooms and create a unique style:

— Exclusive design that can be adapted to a specific interior.

— Author's work (manual production).

— Techniques of fusing and Tiffany are almost eternal — until the stained-glass breaks, the glass retains its depth and color saturation.

— Long service life.

— Original appearance.

— Similar products will organically fit into any stylistic orientation of the interior.

A rich range of colors, a variety of palette of stained-glass shades from Luxury Antonovich Design is achieved by mixing color pigments in various combinations, which allows artisans to create unique decorative lighting devices. Thanks to this, you can purchase a unique lamp with a stained-glass that perfectly blends in with your interior.

The interior will look more luxurious through the use of stained-glass lamps: floor, wall and table. The ceiling lamps, made of multi-colored glass pieces, attract attention even when they are switched off. And when a chandelier, sconce, floor lamp or any other lamp turns on, a miracle happens: the light rays are refracted through the stained-glass and the magic glare dance begins.

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