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Sophisticated Marbled Bathroom


Marble has already put up its reputation as one of the favorites in most of the high-end interior designs. This modern bathroom by Luxury Antonovich Design will surprise you with its expensive materials and different fixtures that matches and complements each other. Marbles are decadent and elegant which fits with every style and aesthetics of a bathroom. The white marble with gold accent touches looks exquisite in a modern bathroom like the one shown above. This home bathroom design looks and feels luxurious with the emphasis of the marble's elegance. These are some of the reasons why our company loves marble. 

Katrina Antonovich

  • Timeless elegance and beauty. Marbles have been around for thousands of years and still, it is one of the most regal fixtures in a home. Marble is a mainstay when it comes to decorative materials and it will surely never go out for style, so it is perfect to use it and install it for its timelessness. 
  • Its versatility is perfect for different types of interior. You can style it with a minimalist approach, rustic, classic, or even chic. It will still look great with any style and design because it's a natural element that blends with any interior decor. 
  • It is very much easy to maintain. Marbles are the wash-and-go type. Just wipe it clean and you won't have problem with stains. You can clean it up regularly with marble or granite cleaners to keep it shiny and good as new. It is a low maintenance element that's why it is perfect for every bathroom. It avoids watermarks so you won't have problems with those in the future. 


Luxury Marble Design is a wonderful combination of dark and light. It illuminates the space especially if you put an amazing accent color with it. Like the gold linings in this bathroom design, it pops out and gives a visual playfulness in the area. The look of the bathroom is so surreal. It gives you that perfect bathtub moment while you sip your favorite wine as you relax after a long tiring day – what a perfect setting! The glass elements also create a bigger perspective of the bathroom. It adds dimensions which makes your bathroom look more spacious. Overall, aside from the perfect aesthetics functionality is still the topmost priority. We make sure that comfortability reigns and that our clients feel relaxed and pampered in this luxurious bathroom. It adds a tranquil atmosphere that vibrates the elegance which is a mixture of a dynamic and refreshing bathroom decor in the example below. If you're looking for a striking bathroom design then this model example will be a great guideline for you. This is one of the best projects of Luxury Antonovich Design which is sophisticated in every way. We'll be happy to know more about your thoughts, so feel free to send us a message and together, let's build your dream bathroom interior.  

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