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Silk Curtains — Elegant Luxury In Your Interior


The luxury of interior and the openness of the soul are transformed in silk curtains. Exciting flowable cloths stun their fabulous overflow. Silk curtains from Luxury Antonovich Design is a universal option, such curtains will bring zest to any room. This fabric is valued for its beautiful appearance and high performance, which have no analogues.

Katrina Antonovich Designs The Best Silk Curtains

All silk fabrics, as well as synthetic fabrics with the addition of silk fibers, have a characteristic unique and refined luster. Thin organza or heavy silk brocade can make any interior rich and presentable. Natural silk curtains by Luxury Antonovich Design have a special energy and sophisticated appearance. But the advantages of curtains from this material are much greater:

— Curtains look elegant due to the unique shine of the fabric.

— The material has a low ignition category, which makes it relatively safe.

— Natural fabric resistant to bacteria and mold.

— The material is hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

— Silk fabric is quite durable, so such curtains do not require special operating conditions.

— Silk curtains do not electrify and do not attract dust, so they can be used in children's rooms.

— Silk curtains drape well, you can create sophisticated curtain compositions from it.

— Silk fabrics are characterized by bright resistant color due to the smoothness of the fibers.

— On the surface of such curtains are not formed pellets, such curtains always look neat.

— The material is soft and pleasant to the touch.


Depending on the type of weaving of threads, chiffon, satin, organza, taffeta, brocade of silk fibers are already produced in the production of finished fabric. Therefore, silk curtains by Luxury Antonovich Design can play the role of curtains and drapes.

The bedroom looks great with classical silk curtains, as well as models of curtains with multiple folds — French, Austrian, Italian. To support the style of the window composition will be possible with silk bedding or veil. Silk is appropriate in the living room. Curtains of expensive material look effectively in a spacious living room. Part of the curtain can just lie on the floor, forming luxurious draperies. You can hang silk in the children's bedroom — choose a shortened model to the window sill.

Silk curtain can be of any design. The most popular models are classic sliding curtains. To give the curtains a more solemn look, our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design advise to pick up bright hooks with shiny stones, delicate glass bead pendants, gilding or silver. Gentle play of accessories will be reflected favorably on the nacre surface of the canvas. In addition, pickups will create an unsurpassed soft waterfall from the folds. Luxurious and elegant silk curtains will give you a feeling of peace and enjoyment of life, because they look both cozy and solid.

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