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Professional Window Treatments Installation: Curtains and Curtains Rods


The creation of an original and sophisticated curtain set, as well as its subsequent sewing, is only half the work that is associated with the design of a window opening. Since in addition to these stages, each client is forced to face the issue of the subsequent installation of curtains in a residential or public real estate. Of course, it will be possible to carry out similar work independently, however, only the help of specialists will be able to ensure a perfect result from the work done. If you want to get the perfect result, then the best option is to contact Luxury Antonovich Design professionals. The masters of our company work quickly and efficiently, and are ready to vouch for the result of their work.


We offer:

— installation/dismantling of cornices of various types: profile, decorative, string, for Roman curtains and blends, cornices with mechanical control, installation and adjustment of control of motorized cornices;

— manufacturing and installation of cornices for complex architectural forms: for bay windows, arches, for sloped ceilings, for windows of non-standard shape;

— installation of curtains on cornices in the wall, ceiling, in the openings of windows and doors, niches, etc.

— installation of cornices in rooms with high height;

— installation of eaves in arbors, on terraces, a barbecue, etc.



Installation of cornices and curtains is an important event, which some owners of houses and apartments underestimate. The ease of use such system depends on the quality of the mounting. The choice of components affects the complexity of installation.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company carries out installation of eaves: ceiling and wall from metal, wood, plastic on simple windows, as well as on windows of complex architectural form. The company's employees have extensive experience in custom solutions for installing complex curtain rods and curtains on the surface of various materials. We guarantee the reliability and durability of the mounts, as well as absolute safety during use.


Our masters will be able to quickly and efficiently cope with set task, guaranteeing each client its perfect result from the work done. Turning to us, you can always get a guarantee of quality work, the result of which will delight each of our customers for several decades. Do not waste time studying the correct installation of curtains and money on acquiring special tools. Order the installation service and wait for Luxury Antonovich Design installers at your home. Our professionals will quickly and accurately install the selected design, while the cost of work will pleasantly surprise you.


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