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Polyester Carpets — Spectacular Design For Lower Price


The carpet, which previously played an important role in the thermal insulation of the room, has become an important key for creation a beautiful interior in recent decades. This is an important function, given the increased requirements for the design of premises. Due to its low price, artificial polyester carpets conquered most of the carpet market in the world. Modern technologies for the production of artificial materials and their processing allow Luxury Antonovich Design to create not expensive, but at the same time high-quality designer carpets, exclusive in design, characteristics and properties.

Katrina Antonovich Knows How To Create Spectacular Design Of Polyester Carpets

In industrial carpet weaving, this material is used quite widely — its fibers imitate natural wool and can have different lengths, and therefore there is a huge selection of Luxury Antonovich Design carpet products suitable for any interior style.

Polyester — the material in its characteristics is very similar to woolen carpets. Such carpets are very resistant to mechanical stress. They are practically resistant to abrasion, so their durable service is guaranteed. Polyester carpets are easy to clean and do not require special expensive care.


Advantages of polyester carpets from Luxury Antonovich Design:

— wide variety of design;

— high stain resistance and wear resistance;

— do not cause allergies;

— do not burn out;

— easy to clean;

— felt like wool to the touch ;

— not expensive.

Polyester carpets look beautiful, presentable, soft and warm to the touch, just like expensive wool counterparts. At the same time, the cost of these carpets remains affordable and acceptable for all categories of customers. Designer carpets are available in a wide range of colors, they can have a wide variety of shapes, textures and sizes. They are characterized by a brilliant pile, and matte. You can lay carpets of our production in any rooms where you want to create the necessary warmth and softness. This is a win-win for bedrooms and living rooms. High-quality carpet products from Luxury Antonovich Design, a manufacturer with an impeccable reputation, are also suitable for children's rooms — special polyester is used for their production. Such things are absolutely harmless. In addition, they have excellent thermal performance and softness, which is so important for little children who spend a lot of time playing on the floor.

Purchase only high-quality polyester carpets from trusted manufacturers. In this case, the products will help maintain warmth and comfort in the house for a very long time. The wide choice of textures, patterns, colors and sizes offered in our Luxury Antonovoich Design showroom will satisfy any of your designer whims.

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