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Neoclassical Dining Room Decoration


Own dining room in a house or apartment is the personification of free space and the opportunity to translate interesting design ideas into reality. The neoclassical interior of the dining room will look luxurious only if carefully carry out each manipulation, perfectly aligned surfaces and professional approach to each process from the side of the construction crew. Luxury Antonovich Design provides such conditions of implementation, the result of which will surprise you perfectly.

The interior design of the dining room by Luxury Antonovich Design is distinguished by a careful selection of materials for decoration, and requires the use of high-quality practical and environmentally friendly materials that are safe for human health. The larger your dining room, the wider the possibilities of our designers for its improvement. The possibilities of applying interesting solutions in the interior design of the dining room directly depend on the preferences of our clients.


Light colors, visual accuracy and cleanliness — these are the main components of the correct perception of the dining room from Luxury Antonovich Design. Well-chosen designer furniture of milky shades, a harmonious combination of fit-out color on the walls and amazingly beautiful and inviting marble tiles on the floor create a pleasant feeling of atmosphere.

Our designers managed to advantageously use natural light in the interior of the dining room. In the daytime this place makes a light, almost airy impression. This was achieved with the help of light tulle and soft shades of wheat-colored curtains, furniture upholstery of ivory and lightweight cutlery. To create a feeling of warmth and comfort in the dining room from Luxury Antonovich Design, we place small wall sconces on both walls. Numerous weak light sources will allow to place accents in the interior fit-out and at the same time make it more comfortable, and the classic crystal chandelier gives the interior solemnity. White flowers on the dining table decorate the room and give the interior a pleasant holiday atmosphere.

Dining room fit-out in the style of modern classics turned out, in its own way unusual, light and airy, attracting attention. The idea of designers from Luxury Antonovich Design was original — for the dining room they chose interesting decorative and fit-out elements: stucco plaster moldings, classical elements, eaves and patterned carved decorative elements that can be traced both on the marble floor in the form of a carpet around the dining area, and on the carved gilded furniture elements.

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