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Natural Stone Floor Fit-Out


Modern floor design is extremely rich and diverse, and even the most sophisticated taste is easy to satisfy. What floors will give your interior a respectable look, and aesthetic pleasure? Of course, made of natural stone and made by real professionals of Luxury Antonovich Design. Our stone workshop offers marble and granite floors (tiles, slabs, panels, mosaics) according to individual sketches developed by our designers, or according to customer’s finished designs. We guarantee the expected level of quality of work in any style — from perfectly matched monochromatic coating to complex marble inlays.

Katrina Antonovich - Floor Designer

The floor of natural stone — granite and marble not only transform your interior, it alone is so luxurious and rich that it will be the epicenter and unsurpassed element that attracts fascinated looks, causes delight and admiration. The beauty, grace, elegance and luxury of palaces, and you will feel like a king of luxurious mansion.

An important factor when choosing a floor fit-out is the fact that it will have to serve you for more than one year, and therefore it is better to opt for the material not just beautiful, but necessarily durable, reliable. By its nature, the pattern is unique because there are no two absolutely identical stones.


Marble floors of Luxury Antonovich Design are made from the best foreign raw materials. European and Asian marble allows us to make a floor that will last more than one decade. Marble tile is a universal floor fit-out that fits well into any interior, filling it with the special charm of nobility. This contributes to a perfectly smooth surface, glossy shine, pleasant natural shades, natural stone patterns. Each created Luxury Antonovich Design project is a new step in revealing the aesthetic potential of natural stone, this is marble painting with bright colors of nature.

The differences of marble tiles from Luxury Antonovich Design by the method of processing:

— Glossy. The tile has a highly polished surface, a high degree of gloss. It is mostly used for decorating certain areas, as it is rather slippery.

— Anti-slip. The tile is subjected to special treatment, after which the surface becomes rough. This type of tile is best suited for bathrooms and swimming pool area fit-out.

— Universal. It combines the characteristics of glossy and non-slip tiles, therefore it is suitable for covering floors in any premises and is the most demanded.

Luxury Antonovich Design provides comprehensive services for the production of marble and granite floor — from the choice of material to the installation of the finished product. Professional orientation and years of experience allowed us to thoroughly explore all the possibilities of natural stone, especially its processing and operation. We carefully observe the technology at every stage of production and installation, provide a guarantee for the products and carry out their post-warranty service.

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