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Modern Lamps And Lighting Design


Modern lamps is the most important interior detail of any modern house, they, like modern chandeliers, are designed not only to illuminate but also to decorate the interior. A wide range of lamps from Luxury Antonovich Design is presented to your attention for every taste: exquisite classical chandeliers, unexpected modern lamps, vintage chandeliers, a large selection of lamps for individual rooms and zones (bathroom lamps, kitchen lamps, lounge lamps) of personal production and author's design, as well as from leading European manufacturers.

Katrina Antonovich And Her Team Of Lighting Designers

  • Chandeliers
  • Light fixtures
  • Sconce and highlighting
  • Table lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Tracks and track systems
  • Spot light
  • Lamps for the kitchen
  • LED lights
  • Decorative lighting

Our company manufactures modern lamps from high-quality luxury materials such as precious wood, crystal, glass or metals with various coatings, as well as inlaid with precious stones, gilding. Modern lamps from Luxury Antonovich Design are the most popular among various lighting equipment in their class, since they can be installed in rooms of various types, including office, residential or commercial. Designer lamps from Luxury Antonovich Design is a stylish solution for residential or commercial premises. The main task of these fixtures is to create the necessary level and type of lighting, harmoniously fitting into the interior.


Luxury Antonovich Design lighting design is the formation of a light environment, the creation of light scenes that affect the comfort of space, is the art of controlling the light. Our company is a specialist in the selection of lighting for interiors of various orientations and complexity. If you are faced with difficulties in choosing lighting and do not know what kind of lamp or chandelier you need, please contact us, we will be happy to take part in creating a harmonious, aesthetic and correct light in your interior.

Modern design interiors from Luxury Antonovich Design is a complex combination of interior details, real estate designs, decoration and lighting, which plays an important role in room zoning. Harmoniously and technically correctly selected lamps and chandeliers create exquisite interior design.

Light zoning, selection of lamps and design is the task of our lighting designer who will skillfully and efficiently make the selection of the necessary lighting, and our working group of craftsmen will perform installation of any complexity. Skillful arrangement of the selected lamps allows to create the necessary light scenes, allowing you to influence the emotional mood.

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