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Modern And Original Lighting Design


In the modern world, living among plastics, synthetic fabrics and a wide variety of artificial materials, people began to pay great attention to natural raw materials for the manufacture of interior items. Lighting has no exception. Luxury Antonovich Design specializes in non-standard projects that require special knowledge and design skills. One of these areas is the individual production of lamps from various materials. Whether it is Murano glass or crystals of various kinds. Original and special interior by Luxury Antonovich Design is made by individual decor items and accessories. Properly selected lighting and unique design of the lamp will be a memorable accent of space.

Katrina Antonovich - Owner Of Modern Ideas For Designer Lighting

The team of creative minds of Luxury Antonovich Design Company represents a series of night light crystal lamps. Our designers decided to surprise not with the function, but with the original and unique appearance of the product. Due to its appearance, lamps can bring a share of magic to any space and increase the level of imagination of its owner.


Modern design of lamps with hints of industrial style from Luxury Antonovich Design is characterized by the use of such elements as wood, raw brick, deliberate rudeness, and so on. Lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps in this style of interior look similar. Creative inspiration of Luxury Antonovich Design professionals helped to create a collection of lamps in the form of splashing water, glowing blue, white and warm yellow light amazes with its extravagance and subtlety of design. Such lighting will create an amazing combination of futurism and realism: the brutal look of form and texture and some matte luminous substance.

Advanced technologies and innovations in design allow us to create lamps from stones and crystals of different shapes with a perfectly smooth surface, or with a textured one. The relative softness of these stones makes it possible to manufacture lighting devices not only of rectilinear geometric shapes, but also with concave or curved surfaces of different radii. Each such lamp is made manually to order — all models are unique and have no analogues.

Decorative lamps made of crystal are ideal for any interior, as they are characterized by elegance and naturalness. Minerals and lampshades let through a muffled luminous flux, delicately scattering it. The simultaneous ease and monumentality of products from this mineral made it one of the favorite materials among interior artists and designers of Luxury Antonovich Design company, who prefer to experiment with light and color.

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