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Marble Stairs Design And Fit-Out Ideas


The staircase is an effective addition to the expensive and elegant interior, which add elegance and exclusivity to it. The most reliable and convenient in use are marble stairs. Marble in appearance as a fit-out material is diverse — its various shades and varieties allow us to create luxurious and restrained, massive and elegant stairs.

Katrina Antonovich - the Author Of Best Interior Design

Marble stairs by Luxury Antonovich Design is always a decoration of the house and the room. Its generosity, charm and sophistication do not leave people indifferent. Such an element in the room emphasizes individuality and sets the tone for the whole style. In one staircase, you can combine different stone processing (for example, grinding and polishing), different colors, different stones (granite and marble), decorate with other elements: metal or wood — the imagination of our designers has no limits. In general, everything looks charming and rich.


Delicate shades and amazing modulations of the pattern of stone stairs by Luxury Antonovich Design will certainly underline the refined work of the masters who worked with stone. Stairs made of natural stone will remain as beautiful and flawless even after many decades, being the central designer object of any interior.

In addition to durability, marble stairs from Luxury Antonovich Design have the following number of advantages:

— environmental friendliness;

— practicality;

— resistance to moisture and sudden temperature changes;

— a wide choice of color palette (in our collection there are more than a hundred shades from white-blue to blue-black);

— the ability to harmoniously combine marble with other fit-out materials: glass, metal, wood;

— uniqueness in modeling (it is possible to manufacture stairs of various forms and designs according to an individual project).

The main products made of marble that can be used for the construction of the stairs by Luxury Anronovich Design are the steps themselves, also the risers, the plinth and the platforms, which are located between the floors. In addition, at your request, our company can make handrails or balusters of marble.

Our own production and raw material base of Luxury Antonovich Design Company, professional team, individual approach to each client, experience in the field of stone fit-out help us to make all your projects a reality. Our highly qualified craftsmen will provide high-quality installation of marble stairs. Marble pattern makes an ordinary staircase as effective interior decoration. The polished surface of the stone acquires brilliance and shimmers beautifully with natural and artificial light.

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