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Marble Flooring Design And Fit-Out Solutions


Interior fit-out is a very responsible and creative process. The emergence of all new materials greatly expands the choice. However, interest in traditional technologies is not diminishing. And marble floors and walls today are no less popular than they used to be. Luxury Antonovich Design Company produces products from natural marble and offers to perform a full range of work on the subsequent lining of surfaces. We work with the best suppliers of natural stone, so we can guarantee high quality of our marble products.

Marble Flooring  - Design By Katrina Antonovich

The popularity of this fit-out material is due to its excellent properties. First of all, marble is extremely reliable in operation and is able to retain heat indoors. In addition, marble floors have the ability to perfectly absorb sounds. Marble floors in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens, can be irreplaceable. Moisture is absorbed into the stone, which reduces the slipperiness of the surface. Among other useful properties of marble flooring from Luxury Antonovich Design:

— high strength and wear resistance;

— undemanding care;

— resistance to moisture and chemicals;

— resistance to microorganisms;

— stone can be laid on warm floors;

— the surface is easy to restore;

— a huge selection of textures and colors;

— the longest service life among other fit-out materials.

Floors from marble by Luxury Antonovich Design create an atmosphere of harmony, grandeur, reliability and rigor in the room. Marble floors have centuries-old traditions, while in our modern design solutions we use various techniques for laying marble — from classical to high-tech.


The quality of the marble coating has always testified to the high status of the owners and their exquisite taste. Such wealth could afford only wealthy homeowners. The quality of the durability of the coating allowed to rank the marble to the elements of the classical style, and does not lose its relevance so far. It is widely used in architecture and construction not only of palaces, restaurants, theaters, concert halls, but also in the design of private houses and apartments.

Marble floors by Luxury Antonovich Design can keep within in various ways, forming the direction of ranks, geometrical decisions of drawing. When working with slabs, interesting interior compositions are achieved. Marble floors, on which the texture of the stone flows and forms large areas of uniform structure, are very interesting, expensive and aristocratic. During the work, marble slabs are processed by the method of hydrophobization, which provides them with moisture resistance. Impregnation with two-component compounds enhances strength. Polishing the floors with well-chosen polishes from Luxury Antonovich Design gives them not only shine, but also removes the seams between the slabs. The layer created at the same time protects against scratches and preserves the floor for a long time in its original form.

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