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Creating a home interior is a complex and sometimes lengthy process. In order to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in a residential or commercial area, it is necessary to correctly combine the color palette, the style of design, to select the decor for the rooms. Decor for home, restaurant or hotel is that stylish accessories for a person. Details complete the image of a room, create a mood, define a style. Home decor, interior accessories for institutions are vases, candles, statues, pillows and carpets, sofa cushions, flowerpots and other flower decorations, candlesticks, clocks, jewelry boxes. Interior things by Luxury Antonovich Design are necessary for the decoration of walls, windows, floors and furniture.

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The interior decor in all its manifestations enriches and, if necessary, transforms our living space. The decoration of the interior, which involves exclusive elements of decor, indicates that you have a considerable weight in society, and you know a lot about art. Unusual decor — the choice of people who are not indifferent to beauty. The most stylish decor from around the world, worthy of the richest houses, offers our Luxury Antonovich Design Company.


Room decoration in itself is not only an extremely popular trend in modern design, but also a very exciting and interesting process that can elevate mood and awaken aesthetic inspiration. And with the help of Luxury Antonovich Design Company, the decoration of the room will become a real art, turning the original decor items into elements of harmony, style and comfort of your home:

— original mirrors that combine functionality and decorative effect with different temperaments in full accordance with fashion trends;
— an interesting decor, made of high quality materials and able to revive any background of the wall and even the ceiling;
— a variety of wall clocks, giving the interior a stylistic expression and filling it with new accents;

— unusual candlesticks, candles, flowerpots, key holders, pin boards, murals and other accessories — actual little things, like the cherry on the cake, which determine the final accent in the room.

Beautiful interior accessories are designed for the decoration of rooms in the house, apartment or office. Regardless of your chosen style, beautiful exquisite things will help to give the appearance of any room the touch of uniqueness. In our showroom you can choose the decor of the interior for every taste, as well as the whole range of things that give a unique charm to any room. Such home decor as vases, mirrors, and lamps make the room more comfortable. The original figurines or watches perfectly emphasize the style in which the interior of the room is decorated. Feel free to realize your fantasies! Luxury Antonovich Design will help you to make your dreams come true.

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