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Luxury Design Of Velvet Furniture


Velvet upholstery has become relevant again! Rich texture, status and decoration — this is how you can briefly characterize this material. Velvet furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design adds style and sophistication to the interior. It is associated with something noble and status. Still, after all its history totals one thousand years! Over the centuries, in different cultures, velvet has been a valuable upholstery material for furniture, often symbolizing wealth, power and proximity to the crown.

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Velvet furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design with its luxurious appeal makes the interior stylish and sophisticated. With just one piece of velvet-covered furniture, you will make your home more stylish than ever. Traditionally, velvet is associated with nobility. But this does not mean that such furniture can only be integrated into a specific interior design like classic. Velvet furniture can look harmonious in a minimalist and modern interior.


The texture of the velvet adds softness and warmth to the interior. Depending on the color of the material, this feeling of comfort may be more or less pronounced. Velvet is a flexible fabric, so you can not be afraid to play with it. Such a rich texture, like velvet, gives the furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design excessive monumentality and visually weights it. Therefore, it is not necessary to have in the interior furniture with velvet upholstery of bright saturated color together with curtains of the same or similar material. An ideal option for almost any interior is a sofa in velvet upholstery of pastel shades. The upholstery fabric of armchairs, sofas, couches, chairs, banquettes, dense in structure and delicate to the touch, conquers with shimmers and slight shimmer. Its rich color and rich texture accentuates and attracts the eye.

Velvet furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design with soft seats and elastic filling is not only beautiful, but also easy to use. It is pleasant to sit on it, enjoying comfort and convenience. Its upholstery fabric over time does not deform, does not wrinkle and does not lose its attractive external qualities, because it has durability and retains a rich color even under the influence of sunlight penetrating into a room. Velvet furniture by our talented designers and craftsmen is able to transform the interior, without violating its integrity. The possibilities of this fabric for upholstering soft velvet furniture are truly endless. It is able to give the room a completely different mood — to make the interior cozy, royally luxurious, mysterious and even mystical.

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