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Luxury Design And Restaurant Fit-Out


What attracts visitors to catering places? Delicious food, decent service and, of course, a beautiful interior, which is created by a quality fit-out of the restaurant. After all, a good atmosphere is also a significant part of great success. The decoration and fit-out of the restaurant by Luxury Antonovich Design is, first of all, a unique project involving the implementation of an original design and engineering solution that corresponds to the institution's format, its concept. The main feature and complexity of the restaurant fit-out is the need to make not just a beautiful interior design, but also take into account all the functionality of the space that meets all standards.

Katrina Antonovich

The resourceful designers of Luxury Antonovich Design will create for you a unique style of the restaurant thanks to an exclusive and high-quality fit-out, which will be another advantage in your struggle for the attention of customers, and professional workers will realize everything that was planned in a short time, focusing on the quality of each element. Involving Luxury Antonovich Design in restaurant fit-out, you choose the luxury of a modern design of the restaurant.


The process of creating a stylish and functional interior of the restaurant with a high-quality fit-out from Luxury Antonovich Design is laborious and quite complex, since many different nuances need to be taken into account, namely:

— The style of the institution;

— Functionality;

— Competent zoning of premises;

— Ergonomic;

— Fire safety;

— Sanitary norms and rules;

— Properly designed ventilation and engineering systems.

Requirements that are set for the fit-out works of restaurants are always clearly and specifically carried out by qualified Luxury Antonovich Design masters:

— Creating a plan, convenient for visitors and employees;

— Compliance with fire requirements;

— Compliance with health standards;

— The use of wear-resistant materials;

— The use of high quality sound and light equipment;

— Decoration;

— The interior design should always be practical and memorable.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company specializes in the above works and turns the restaurant into an expensive and memorable restaurant, which is sure to become a favorite gathering place. Our company controls the quality of each stage of repair, installation and fit-out, and also gives a guarantee for its work.

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