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Interior and Commercial Fit-Out Dubai


To minimize your costs, we suggest to order fit-out works from an experienced and reliable company — Luxury Antonovich Design. For design of commercial premises you will need not only professional knowledge in the field of architecture, but also in social psychology, advertising and marketing. Our interior and commercial fit-out company offers comprehensive solutions in the field of repair and fit-out: development of a functional design project, implementing the projects, selection of furniture and finishing materials, legal guarantees.


Luxury Antonovich Design engineers, designers and builders have been providing fit-out services for commercial premises in Dubai and around the world for many years. During this time, our team has completed many projects for different types of business: complex restaurant fit-out, store and shops repair, complex fit-out of trading spaces, bank fit-out, etc. Extensive experience in decorating commercial real estate helps us to successfully solve the most complex tasks in a short time. At the same time, we do not forget about the individual requirements for objects of various types:

Offices — compliance with sanitary standards, safety of electrical wiring, environmental friendliness and durability of materials, competent lighting.

Banks — maintaining corporate identity, emphasis on maximum security, creating comfortable conditions for employees.

Stores and showrooms — competent zoning, proper technical equipment, rational design.



Here is an incomplete list of commercial fir-our works that we can do for you:

  • to develop a design project;
  • agree on redevelopment;
  • to make and coordinate engineering projects in supervisory bodies — electrics, plumbing, video surveillance, security system, water supply and sewerage, air conditioning and ventilation, improve communication (full list of engineering projects);
  • to dismantle structures, including cutting openings;
  • carry out repair and construction work;
  • replace windows and doors;
  • replace heating radiators (if necessary);
  • fully equip the building with building materials, equipment and furniture;
  • deliver and pick up materials;
  • clean the room;
  • decorate the room.

Luxury Antonovich Design company also provides special services that conventional fit-out teams do not perform:

  • selection and supply of furniture, lighting and equipment;
  • coordination of redevelopments and projects (including engineering) in higher authorities;
  • professional interior fit-out.

Integrated turnkey solution offered by our company makes it possible to get advice from all specialists at the same time without resorting to the services of several narrowly specialized contractors. Designer, plumbing and electrical, ventilation and communications engineers, redevelopment specialists, procurers and decorators of our company will prepare a complete fit-out solution for you and implement it as soon as possible. This will help to avoid problems associated with inconsistency of work by specialists in various fields, unnecessary costs and commissioning of facilities within the established deadlines.


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