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Home Elevator — The Most Innovative Interior Detail


It seems that the classic stairs with dozens of steps, which for older people and people with disabilities seem to be a difficult, and sometimes insurmountable obstacle, is a thing of the past. New technologies are being introduced into everyday life. Innovative home elevator by Luxury Antonovich Design is an excellent solution to the problem of movement from floor to floor in private homes. Our equipment has a number of advantages that distinguish Luxury Antonovich Design from any other elevator equipment for a private house or cottage.

Katrina Antonovich Will Design Your Home Elevator

Due to the simplicity of its construction, the home elevator by Luxury Antonovich Design can be installed both in the already constructed room and in the house at the construction stage. The second option is more convenient for customers wishing to install an elevator with individual parameters. The main advantage of installing a lift for the home is the lack of need for special wiring.


In the decoration of elevator Luxury Antonovich Design uses a variety of materials: from traditional metal, high-quality glass and mirrors to natural stone, wood, leather and gold leaf. Various finishing of separate elements of the equipment, exclusive fit-out of a cabin of the elevator is possible. Different methods of processing and coating of the material are used for decoration: embossed, polished stainless steel coated with gold or silver, engraved mirror surfaces, glass or aluminum coated panels, wooden panels with inlay, and much more.

The design of the elevator is an important stage in the artistic design of passenger lifts in residential, public and private buildings. In most cases, designers, architects and artists are involved in the development of an individual design of an elevator at a customer's site.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company embodies the artistic intentions for design fit-out in life. We have mastered dozens of exclusive options for facing walls, floors and ceilings. Particular attention is paid to the decoration of portals located on each floor, since portals are most susceptible to mechanical damage. The style of finishing the lifting structure from Luxury Antonovich Design can be the most diverse, because it is very important that the elevator was in harmony with the overall interior design. The doors of the elevator shaft can be made of glass or extruded laminate, and make them completely indistinguishable from interior ones. Cabin doors can also have different configurations. The material from which the cabin floor will be made can be the most diverse.

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