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High Quality Designer Children Beds


Of course, with the appearance of a baby in the family, he/she must have his/her own room, or own separate space. But in the process of choosing children's furniture and beds, many questions often arise, because the health of the child largely depends on the bed. The leading company Luxury Antonovich Design is recognized worldwide as the embodiment of furniture fashion, style and beauty.

Katrina Antonovich - Talented Designr Of Eclusive Beds For Kids

 The advantages of our furniture products for children include several indicators: 

  • a variety of style decisions, including traditional classics, models of cabinet furniture, and also modular products for every taste;
  • a wide range of bed designs for newborn babies and preschoolers. You can buy as a folding sofa-chairs, bunk beds, castles and cradles, cots for babies;
  • providing special comfort, a favorable atmosphere for children due to the thoughtfulness of every detail to the smallest detail in furniture designs;
  • use only environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, natural selected materials that meet international quality standards;
  • sophistication, European charm and furniture luxury are transmitted in clean, harmonious lines.


Children's beds for kids from one year are classic beds for children with adjustable bottom, sides, reliable legs and wheels. Baby bed with sides is required — they guarantee the safety of the child during sleep. The distance between the planks should not exceed 6 cm, otherwise the child’s hands or head may be stuck there. Similar children's beds in the showroom of Luxury Antonovich Design are in constant demand from parents, because they are universal and practical. But no matter how good such a bed was, the child will grow out of it, and the question of buying a children's bed will arise again.

Children's beds from 3 years old, designed by our designers can practically copy the adult model and have the same frame and shape. The difference will be in the bright color and rounded shape of the bed. In the furniture showroom by Luxury Antonovich Design you can buy a baby bed of various designs: it can be a cot transformer or a bed in the form of a favorite toy.

When a child is going to school, then again it's time to think about changing the bed and buy a baby bed with an exclusive design from Luxury Antonovich Design, because during school the child begins to grow actively. The bed size for the pupil is quite adult: approximately 90×200 cm. When choosing, it is worth listening to the child's wishes: perhaps he/she wants a metal bed or a chair-bed. Children's beds for girls can be made in a calm range, while children's beds for boys are painted in contrasting bright colors.

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