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Gypsum Decor And Designer Ceiling Sockets


Gypsum stucco is the main and traditional component of the classic interior. It is most well able to convey the atmosphere of solemnity, which is characteristic of the classical style. As for decorative gypsum products, they perfectly emphasize the refined style of any room.

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The ceiling is the most conspicuous surface in the room and this obliges us to give it maximum attention during the design. Traditionally, moldings, cornices and gypsum sockets are considered the best decor for ceiling surfaces. At the same time, cornices and moldings are designed to emphasize the existing architectural solution, while the sockets represent the center of the design composition.

A small amount of gypsum stucco, its skillful compositional decision, performance and location from Luxury Antonovich Design will be able to decorate any room, whether it is apartment or a public building. Choosing gypsum sockets for your own home as an element of decor, you give your vote for a real classic that never leaves the trend.


One of the main essences of the use of gypsum sockets is to emphasize the chandelier. In the complex, a chandelier framed by gypsum sockets from Luxury Antonovich Design will look simply luxurious and will give the room chic and a little palace style. Using gypsum ceiling sockets, you can add elegance and a style to your interior. In the interior itself, a decorative ceiling rosette will take center stage and will delight you and your household members, as well as regularly receive compliments from guests.

For installation of gypsum elements from Luxury Antonovich Design there are no restrictions. They can be mounted under lamps, chandeliers or as separate elements of the decor. The only condition is that the use of the gypsum products should not make the ceiling heavier, but, on the contrary, give it a tracery and airiness.

Luxury Antonovich Design performs the development of individual gypsum decors, with their installation in the already existing structures of your interior. We offer you the manufacture of gypsum sockets for decorating the interior of your apartment or house. Our installation is performed by professional experts who passed special training on production and features of work with gypsum, and give a guarantee for their work. Decorative gypsum socket is a luxury that was previously available only to the higher class of society. Thanks to our company now it is available to everyone. The gypsum workshop from Luxury Antonovich Design is a producer of the best gypsum decor. Every day we are improving manufacturing technology, so the quality and durability of our design products only grows.

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