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Modern Lighting And Table Lamps Design


Complex lighting of an apartment, home or office is difficult to imagine without a harmoniously selected lamp installed in the work area. A computer or a desk, a bedside table or a dressing table, a niche in the reading area or a couch in the home library — table lamps are appropriate everywhere. Their bold design and original combination of textures will not go unnoticed in any interior.

Katrina Antonovich - Bright Design Of Modern Table Lamps

Modern table lamps from Luxury Antonovich Design should:

— well illuminate the work surface with a soft light that does not irritate the eyes;

— to protect the eyes from direct exposure to light, as this can greatly irritate the organs of vision;

— be installed so as not to cast a hand shadow on the work surface.

In our Luxury Antonovich Design showroom there are table lamps of different styles — modern, avant-garde, art deco, hi-tech with a different design of the lampshades:

— dense textile shades for shading the light flux;

— edging for lamps of light delicate fabric, cutting the light on a soft, unobtrusive glow, evenly extending around the lamp;

— multifunctional LED devices with built-in display for displaying time, temperature and other indicators.


Contemporary exclusive design table lamps from Luxury Antonovich Design are stylish lighting devices, the main function of which is to create an additional light in a certain area, most often on the desk, and also to give the interior a touch of uniqueness and beauty. Modern table lamps, made by professional masters of our company, act as an indispensable attribute of any cabinet, because in the evening, when there is not enough natural light, the artificial top light also does not give the desired effect. Modern table lamps differ from those already familiar to us by their original and unusual design. Such a lamp is no longer associated only with studies or work, but turns into a peculiar element of decor that fits into the overall style of the interior.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company offers manufacture services of modern table lamps:

— on long leg and hinges suitable for office;

— having wire fasteners;

— with screw fastening, which take up little space and are great for homes where space is limited;

— in the form of decorative lamps that can claim to be the main emphasis in the interior;

— with shades made of crystal, opal glass, fabric, plastic, ceramics, natural stone, metal or wood.

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