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Glass Doors — A Highlight Of Your Interior


Glass doors allow you to realize the most daring design ideas, from zoning a small space to creating a feeling of infinity. The ability of glass to freely transmit light can also be used for energy saving. The lightness and elegance of the designs preserves the integrity of the room and useful space.

Katrina Antonovich - Professionalism In Glass Doors Design

Production of glass doors of various designs under the order is one of the many areas of work of the Dubai company Luxury Antonovich Design. We offer exclusive products from high-quality materials, therefore we guarantee impeccable quality and reliability. We employ only professional designers, engineers and installers, which allows us to realize the most complex tasks for many years.

A glass door is an opening in a wall or partition, intended for entry and exit from rooms, consisting of a glass cloth, a hinged device (hinges), a fixing device (handle) and other elements (threshold, platbands, closers, stops).

Varieties of glass doors according to the methods of opening and fastening:

  • Entrance glass doors;
  • Sliding glass doors;
  • Radial sliding semi-circular glass doors;
  • Arched structures;
  • Retractable glass doors;
  • Panoramic doors;
  • Suspended glass doors.

According to materials:

— made of frosted glass;

— glass made in the form of a mirror surface;

— corrugated glass;

— with stained-glass elements;

— presence of forged elements, together with glass;

— the presence on the glass of various decorative ornaments.


The scope of application of glass structures from Luxury Antonovich Design is limited only by design creativity and your preferences. All products of the company are safety tempered glass with the use of water-proof fittings, which are distinguished by simple installation and low-cost maintenance. Weightless, durable glass constructions look great in public buildings, shops, offices (doors to offices or meeting rooms) and residential buildings. Harmoniously combined with glass partitions, entrance groups and other glass structures.

The advantages of glass doors:

— space-saving;

— aesthetics;

— versatility;

— solidity.

One of the sought-after areas of solid glass construction is the manufacture of designer doors for interior and exterior of tempered glass. Luxury Antonovich Design produces and installs interior glass doors according to an individual design, of various sizes, using high-quality fittings. Modern technologies for the manufacture of glass doors allow you to arrange any doors in accordance with the artistic concept, the degree of transparency and security.

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