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Full Implementation of Exterior Fit-Out Design


We are the company that will help you with your fit-out necessities. We are propelling a wide degree of fit-out organizations. Luxury Antonovich Design sees what we can work for you. Our project starts with you and understanding your necessities and your condition.

  • As an expert fit-out organization with an enormous office, our notoriety and propelling achievement is proof for our excellent and experienced bosses who can work on any exterior fit-out projects.
  • We are flexible and sufficiently experienced to pass on even the most whimsically bespoke undertaking.
  • Luxury Antonovich Design can plan and make essentially any complicated projects. Our in-house fit-out administrations can empower you to have your own beautiful exterior design. 
  • Our outcomes are always in right lead-time and follow an adaptable, responsive procedure. 
  • Luxury Antonovich Design hopes to illuminate everybody from huge fit-out support of the biggest plans that are broadening basics with the needs of the customers.
  • Luxury Antonovich Design is sorted out under the course of our clients' words utilizing for their house improvement. Adjacent to this, we are propelling these associations in various decisions to suit the needs of our customers. 

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Full Implementation of Exterior Fit-Out Design


Luxury Antonovich Design has executed the most extraordinary and faultlessness projects by our expert specialists using quality unrefined materials and top techniques. By keeping you synchronize with the progressions of happenings in the process, here are some of our huge services:

  • Framing to the exterior of the house
  • Materials with high-quality details for finishes
  • Wall lining and
  • Screen installation
  • Paneling systems


Luxury Antonovich Design is advancing a wide assembling of fit-out administrations. Our materials are absolutely quality checked before dispatch. Luxury Antonovich Design is a talented ace who holds quite a while of association of this administration. Our company offers a genuine yield, authentic strategies, and new reasoning. Luxury Antonovich Design is amazingly strengthening over the business because of its quality and cost-adequacy. We direct customers with the solid assistance of experts. Our company is a strong name in this world and is secured by offering great fit-out to our great clients. Luxury Antonovich Design supplies and exhibits achievements. Our company is the best name in the business, attracted by offering a substitute social occasion of fit-out administrations. Your house is your most noteworthy endeavor. 

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