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Fresh Ideas For Swimming Pool Fit-Out


The technology of construction and swimming pool fit-out from Luxury Antonovich Design has improved over the years of practice. Therefore, it is worked out to the smallest detail, taking into account the avoidance of possible errors in the process of installing and swimming pool fit-out.

Our company Luxury Antonovich Design provides turnkey projects of swimming pool. The range of our services includes:

— development of the project design taking into account the stylistic decision;

— swimming pool fit-out works;

— fit-out works of the area around the pool;

— decoration and fit-out of the relaxation area, which is located by the pool;

— installation of equipment necessary for the operation of the pool.

An important role in the creation of this amazing swimming pool project and its fit-out is given to lighting: modern pool equipment offered by our company allows you to implement any light scenarios. Spotlights are installed around the perimeter of the basin, as well as around the perimeter of the pergola, which serves to create shade and coolness. Our designers have created a great place to relax, using a modern pergola with columns, complemented by special furniture.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company provides a full range of construction and fit-out of the pool, and installation services. By ordering fit-out works of your swimming pool, you receive professionally completed work on the preparation and decoration of your swimming pool.


In the construction and fit-out of this beautiful swimming pool we used various natural materials. The use of mosaic tiles in the fit-out of this project brings to the pool design motifs of luxury, sophisticated style and comfort. A wide range of colors, color saturation and delicate shades — all this allowed us to create a bright and colorful picture and intricate mosaic patterns. In the project of an outdoor pool in classic style, the mosaic is combined with tile, creating harmonious, interesting combinations. Mosaic fully satisfies all requirements for working in aggressive environments, safety and frost resistance. Fit-out with mosaic allows the most qualitatively perform the curved shape of the pool and the side of the skimmer pool.

The next step of fit-out works is the design of pool border. It creates a beautiful decorative edge around the pool. The flooring fit-out material that veils the deck around the pool was designed by our masters to complement the exterior of the pool decoration. A marble mosaic with floral patterns along the perimeter was chosen as a fit-out material.

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