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Fit-Out Renovation Companies in Dubai


Design project and fit-out in one company is a guarantee of the implementation of all planned design solutions. A talented team of designers and architects of Luxury Antonovich Design are well aware of how to realize the most interesting architectural ideas. And therefore, in addition to design solutions, they also provide constructive solutions for easier and faster execution of work. Together with the design, our specialists will make a project of all the engineering networks of the house, with calculations, drawings and estimates that will give you a complete picture of the necessary costs at the stage of finishing — installation, and subsequent care of your house.

Fit-Out Renovation Companies in Dubai


Our experts quickly and efficiently perform:

  • Fit-out in a new apartment. We carry out repairs in new buildings Dubai at any degree of readiness of the apartment.
  • Fit-out in an old apartment, which can include both cosmetic and major works to create a fresh, aesthetic appearance of the premises in accordance with the wishes of the customer.
  • Refreshing fit-out, which involve updating the outdated interior, replacing flooring, cladding, wall fit-out, etc.

Fit-Out Renovation Companies in Dubai

  • Pre-sale fit-out to help restore aesthetics before selling. Stylish cosmetic fit-out Dubai will help to eliminate visible flaws and make the apartment more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Major fit-out (overhaul), including not only the decoration of the premises, but also the redevelopment of rooms, the replacement of engineering, plumbing, electrical systems, as well as window structures, floors and other fit-out works.

Fit-Out Renovation Companies in Dubai

One of the advantages of ordering fit-out in our company is the absence of the need for customer participation in the direct repair process. Our finishing consultants Dubai will help to calculate the cost, determine the composition of the repair, the color of fit-out materials. Back in the office, signing an official contract, our designers record the wishes of the client in the fit-out passport. 

Fit-Out Renovation Companies in Dubai

We arrange the process of cooperation so that all efforts and selection, the procurement of materials are fully controlled by us. After signing the contract, the entire construction and fit-out organization and the finishing process rests with the company. Purchase of materials, delivery to the facility, unloading, organization of the construction process, subsequent cleaning, garbage collection, etc. Our client can monitor all this either through daily reports in his smartphone or in his personal account on the site. None of the competitors have this. 

Fit-Out Renovation Companies in Dubai

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