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Traditionally, the most attention during the decoration of new homes is paid to finishing, fit-out materials, furniture and lighting, which form the general appearance of the room, making it cozy and comfortable for living. However, for completeness, do not forget about the various details in the interior, which also contribute to creating a mood and a special atmosphere. This detail is the door, which is the first piece of furniture that the eye falls on before entering the room.

Katrina Antonovich - Top Interior Doors Designer

Doors must be not only practical, but also aesthetic. The modern door model from Luxury Antonovich Design is an important participant in creating the interior of the room, which is constantly changing and surprising with fresh creative directions, so it is natural that new items appear in the door fashion — interesting decor, color scheme, unusual materials or innovative ways of arranging the opening / closing of doors are used.


Each year, our designers offer new, refined shades for door leafs. Amazing non-standard combinations of door shapes and room design. One of the most popular materials, which from year to year remains in demand, for the manufacture of both entrance and interior doors is wood and its derivatives. Wooden doors from Luxury Antonovich Design were very popular in 2018, and certainly will remain in trend for 2019. 

This is primarily due to the unpretentiousness, wear resistance and an unimaginable variety of doors made of this material. In addition, this material gives freedom of imagination, because wooden doors can be made in any color scheme and style. A stylish door handle complements the picture — modern metal and nickel handles are especially popular. It is also important to note that wood (plywood) is a moisture resistant material, which in some cases is a significant criterion. For example, plywood doors that are not afraid of water and warm steam are perfect for a bathroom or kitchen space.

Eternal classic — wooden doors from Luxury Antonovich Design have not lost their popularity for many years in a row. Moreover, according to statistics, wood is considered one of the dominant materials not only for the manufacture of doors, but also for the furniture industry. And this is not surprising, because natural materials with all of them, sometimes, irregularities and “flaws” give the room a unique vibrant atmosphere.

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