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Elegant Dining Room Ideas


Dining room is an integral part of any apartment or house. In order for the interior of the dining room to be original and comfortable, the designers of Luxury Antonovich Design company carefully think over not only the layout and decoration of the room, but also correctly select furniture, lighting, textiles and various decorative accessories. 

The interior of the dining room by our professionals team depends largely on how much of the room is allocated to the dining room. In a modern house, the dining room can be either a separate room or a part of the living room, as can be seen from this beautifully designed interior of classic style apartment. The design of the dining room in classic style is presented by simplicity of lines, elegance, and most importantly — festive comfort. Such a layout from Luxury Antonovich Design brings the benefits, it will allow you to move to the sitting are of the living room right after lunch, where you can continue communication in more comfortable atmosphere.


This amazing project of the apartment with a spacious living room in natural beige tones is combined with a dining area. A stylish dining room with an oval table and chairs with beige textile upholstery is located by the window. The dining room in classical style looks very ceremonial, elegant and very aesthetic. The classic interior of the dining room suggests light and golden tones, and here they make up the basic color scheme.

Different colors are used here — beige with gold, beige with blue accents in a form of textile decor — chic satin curtains with lambrequins, as well as dark wood of expensive breeds, represented by elite classic pieces of furniture. The basis for the design of the table set in this project from Luxury Antonovich Design are the table, soft chairs and various types of cabinets for dishes and household utensils: a dresser and a console. Furniture is used to separate the living room and the dining room.

In the interior of this classic-style dining room, elegant designer crystal ceiling chandeliers and wall sconces in a single color and stylistic composition are used as lighting devices. In order to make it easier to adjust the brightness of the light, our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design have used dimmers in their lighting system for creating a solemn or romantic atmosphere.

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