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Elegant Bedroom Interior Fit-Out


Equipping the bedroom, you expect to get a comfortable and cozy room in which you can forget about all the problems and fully relax. It is necessary to take into account that the modern design of the bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design is based not only on fashion trends, but also on the needs of a person in a healthy deep sleep and high-quality rest.

Katrina Antonovich And Her Talented Team

The modern selection of fit-out materials, furniture and decorative items is very large. The choice of methods and materials is quite extensive, the result of fit-out work here should be a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It all depends on the project you want to implement. Therefore, the definition of at least two aspects is initially required:

— the required level of functionality;

— the most appropriate style of the interior.

In the bedroom there are different functional areas — for rest, for makeup, work area, a place to read. In this case, special fit-out approaches are required, taking into account the desired atmosphere. At the same time, zoning can be made by using multi-level ceilings or wall and floor design and fit-out in different colors, using different fit-out materials.


Interior decoration of the bedroom should be environmentally friendly and natural. The modern design and interior fit-out of the bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design is sustained in soothing neutral shades that promote relaxation and best sleep. And, of course, style. At your request, we can perform both extravagant and more restrained styles. Our designers will pick up the interior fit-out with notes of high-tech or art deco trends that require special attention to furniture and textiles. The ease and simplicity of the fit-out is provided by the modern style, and for small rooms the rigor and directness of the minimalist lines will be indispensable.

The sleep area should be equipped so that its setting reflects your needs, taste and mood. In the design of the bedroom there are four rules that allow the bedroom to look both comfortable and nontrivial:

— walls fit-out. There are a lot of options for wall fit-out presented in Luxury Antonovich Design it is possible to use wallpapers — paper or textile, use of decorative wall panels of various materials — wood, fabric, gypsum with painting or without, as well as plaster.

— fit-out of the ceiling. Exquisite fit-out options are multi-level gypsum and wooden structures, stretch ceilings, plastering and painting.

— floor fit-out. Floor coverings should be selected taking into account their durability and wear resistance, as an option — marble floor, parquet made of durable wood, carpeting, cork floor or laminate.

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