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How to Add Chic to Your Interior With Marble?


Marble is that fit-out material, which is able to conquer anyone. It exudes a special dignity and nobility. Interiors fit-out with it look very stylish, elegant, sophisticated and also respectable. Thanks to its unique pattern, pleasant texture, a variety of shades and halftones, marble organically fits into modern interiors. With it, you can achieve exceptional design.

Katrina Antonovich - Best Marble Supplier

The color of marble depends on impurities, there are rocks of yellow, brown, green and red hue. In rare cases, black and multi-colored stones are found. In the absence of impurities, the color of the marble is light, close to milky white. A distinctive feature of marble, contributing to its widespread use in interiors, is its fast and efficient polishing. The stone lends itself well to polishing due to the tight adhesion of its grains.


There are a huge number of applications of marble for decoration. The easiest way to use it is laying on the floor. It is made of marble slabs, which make the cladding very reliable and durable. Portals of fireplaces, stairs, walls and floors can be easily decorated with marble by Luxury Antonovich Design. Often there are accessories from a noble breed: chess boards, figurines and cups. Marble is a perfect element for furniture elements — counter tops, window sills and balusters, sometimes even marble grand pianos. Sculptures for suburban areas, fountains in gardens and columns of buildings are built and lined from marble.

When using marble in interior design, you need to follow the advice given by professional Luxury Antonovich Design designers. Firstly, there should not be too many marble elements in interior. Otherwise, the effect of congestion in the room will appear. Secondly, we advise you to use light shades of marble if rooms of small sizes. Thirdly, it is better to lean towards the use of classic cladding options and use concise, elegant, uncomplicated marble elements.

Even one piece of natural stone will raise the decor of the living room to a new level. What if, in accordance with all the laws of design, a coffee table would be entirely or partially made of marble like in our latest furniture collection? Neighborhood with metal or wood will emphasize the unique nobility of the material. Walls and floor, decorated with marble, fully demonstrate the beauty of its look, even in a small bathroom, living room or bedroom. Light colors and gloss visually will add space and light. Modern interior design is more concise, but it’s worth adding a fragment of natural marble to one of the walls finishing, and interior immediately changes, whole space looks luxurious and even more status.

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