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Designer Furniture With Metal Accents — Touch Of Industrial Chic


Today, along with the use of wooden, plastic, glass objects, metal furniture is widely used. Owners of such products have long appreciated all the advantages of the material, the main of which is strength. To choose a design for yourself, you need to understand the types of furniture, as well as the rules for its combination.

Katrina Antonovich And Designer Furniture With Metal Elements

More recently, metal furniture was used mainly in industrial and utility rooms. But the development of technologies used in metal processing has allowed to expand the range of use of such furniture. Today, metal furniture with decorative coatings by Luxury Antonovich Design can be found in commercial real estate (cafes, bars, restaurants, shopping centers), and in luxury residential houses.

High-quality and beautiful furniture will decorate the interior and create the most comfortable conditions for spending time in a luxurious restaurant, a cozy cafe or in a relaxed home environment. Luxury Antonovich Design offers massive and elegant dining tables and chairs for them, compact consoles or coffee tables and neat chairs, bar counters and all kinds of storage racks using decorative and basic elements from metal.

The interior with metal furniture is able to make the necessary impression on the guests and residents of the house, create an atmospheric mood conducive to relaxation.

Advantages of metal furniture:

— High strength products.

— Stylish appearance.

— Metal is suitable for all modern interiors.

— Metal furniture does not require complicated maintenance.

— For furniture upholstery on a metal frame, high-quality textiles and professional fabrics are used.

— The unique shapes and designs of metal furniture can surprise any admirer of new products.


Luxury Antonovich Design metal furniture is made of aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and bronze. Our craftsmen make from them both objects completely and their individual parts (frames, backs, supports). As the main source material in production, profile pipes, decorative metal smooth or perforated sheets are used. Details of designer furniture are finished with polishing, oxidation, staining, chrome plating, nickel plating. Galvanic processing allows you to achieve metal with mirror shine, and the likeness of wood or even fabric.

Metal looks advantageous in combination with other materials. For example, furniture made of glass and metal can furnish a living room in minimalist style. Also, this option is suitable for decorating the terrace. Our designers identify some types of materials with which metal combines well:

  • Wood;
  • Glass;
  • Leather;
  • Plastic.

Polished metal furniture with elements of aged wood is suitable for arranging a kitchen. The metal surface on a wooden cabinet in the bathroom will look original, emphasizing the individuality of the style direction. Metal furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design is the choice of people for whom strength and reliability play an important role. Choosing similar products in combination with other materials, the owner of the apartment has the opportunity to equip the room with original items.

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