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Decorative Wall Panels Design


Our construction company is constantly expanding the range of materials for wall fit-out. The modern construction market is saturated with various materials for interior decoration. Wall panels are one of the most common types of fit-out materials today. Luxury Antonovich Design Company is engaged in the production and installation of various kinds of wall panels. In the assortment of our company you will find products manufactured according to all environmental standards, without harmful impurities, which can be used in any institutions, even with increased requirements for hygiene.

Katrina Antonovich

Designers and architects of Luxury Antonovich Design claim that wall panels will be an excellent decor and will completely change the look of a country house, apartment, restaurant or cinema. Wall panels provide an opportunity to carry out rather difficult design projects. One of the main advantages of this material is that there is no big need to prepare walls to use it. For the manufacture of wall panels used a variety of materials from modern to natural cladding of premium class.


The design of the wall panels is determined by the trends of interior fashion and the purpose of the room where such fit-out is used. Modern technologies allow to give the most diverse design to wall manufacture. If you want to create a unique interior, then you should pay attention to such material as wall panels. The big advantage of wall fit-out with panels is that you can update the appearance of the room, without undertaking a full repair.

Decorative panels for walls are different in texture and material of manufacture, but they have one thing in common — they perfectly hide all the defects of the walls:

Wood based panels. Ideal for residential premises due to its environmental friendliness and beauty. They can have different design, form and texture.

Gypsum panels. Modular 3D gypsum panels allow you to create seamless sculpted walls. Products are made of high strength gypsum without any artificial additives. Wall 3D panels from Luxury Antonovich Design are durable, environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for health.

Glass panels. Designed to create photographic drawings that require a durable base.

Soft wall panels (made of fabrics, leather). Such panels can fill the whole room, and can be part of the decor. They have the ability to improve the sound insulation of the room, soften the sounds, their insulating properties are also well-known.

Decorative wall panels allow you to create design projects that will provide you with a unique atmosphere and unique style.

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