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Decorative Light Panels for Unique Ceiling Decor


Ceiling light panels are a modern, functional lighting system that is suitable for both housing and administrative premises. Their models are characterized by impeccable technical characteristics and workmanship. In addition, the design of the panels allows to significantly save on electricity, without losing the level of illumination, and thanks to the diversity of the original design from Luxury Antonovich Design, these panels are able to act as a full-fledged element of interior decor. Ceiling light panels are not a constructive kind of ceilings, but their design decision.

Suspended light ceiling panels made by Luxury Antonovich Design craftsmen are a way to radically change the ceiling design of a room for any purpose, it is modern, it is practical, it is prestigious. High ceilings panels give an aristocratic look, visually add a few centimeters to the height for low ceilings. Ceiling panels of any shape perfectly fit the style of modern, minimalism and high-tech.

Light ceiling panels are made on the basis of a special translucent fabric and LED backlight technology and can serve both as supporting and the main source of light in the room. Such panels with digital printing by Luxury Antonovich Design look very impressive, it is also possible to create variants of such structures with sound-absorbing materials, first of all this is a design solution for creation a unique interior. In our company you can order a custom-made light ceiling panel of any non-standard form.


The advantages of light ceiling panels presented by Luxury Antonovich Design:

— creation of an individual interior;

— visual increase in space;

— the ability to abandon the standard lighting and chandeliers in the middle of the room;

— creation a soft, diffused lighting and sharp contrast;

— creation a backlight of different colors and color play;

— the ability to create the effect of the starry sky;

— easy to clean — you can do wet cleaning.

It is possible for you to create a bright interior design with prefabricated light ceiling panels and transform any interior thanks to uniform lighting with adjustable brightness, eliminating shade and improving acoustics. Prefabricated ceiling panels emit light similar to natural light, creating a space of serenity and tranquility. The panels are designed to be invisible, thin and compact and fit perfectly into your interior design.

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