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For many centuries, the presence of beautiful handmade carpets in the house has been considered as a symbol of wealth. Even the most expensive interior design with wooden furniture and other decorations does not look homely and cozy without a quality carpet. Of course, the best are elite designer handmade carpets. Luxury Antonovich Design designer carpets, which are created by our own factory, combine modern customer requirements and unchanging traditions, a classic style that will always be relevant.

Katrina Antonovich - Qualified Carpet Designer

All those people who value quality, comfort, luxury, but are open to innovative ideas — are fans of Luxury Antonovich Design carpet products. The talented design team of the company sets the fashion trends of the entire industry, they always know what the customer wants, they are ready for experiments and creative innovations. The vast experience of specialists and best practices allow to implement the most complex and extravagant ideas. Carpets of our company are high quality requirements and used materials, original design and individuality of works.


Carpet models are developed by own creative team of Luxury Antonovich Design. Each carpet is united by a certain thematic concept, tonality and variation of forms. The authors embody their inspiration in carpet products that will adequately decorate the most sophisticated interior. The company constantly replenishes its potential with new ideas and solutions, which corresponds to the latest fashion trends and customer desires. Among the variety of textures and drawings, everyone will find something close. Carpets from Luxury Antonovich Design are distinguished by high-quality weaving technique, natural fabrics, and resistance to environmental influences.

Designer carpets by Luxury Antonovich Design embody impeccable style, they give the house not just comfort, but create the mood of a real family hearth, good quality and well-being. Special attention is paid to the production of carpets. Despite technological progress and modern technology, most of the steps in the manufacture of carpets continue to be performed manually. 

While admiring the canvas, you notice the skillful ornate knots, intricate patterns and prints, the variety of colors and a rich palette of shades. The materials for their production are the best merino wool and linen. All raw materials are selected and environmentally friendly. Luxury Antonovich Design carpets have all the quality certificates confirming their reliability and durability.

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