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Contemporary Bedroom Fit-Out And Design


In the interior design of the bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design there are always fashion trends and tendencies — new items in fit-out materials, fabrics, shades, technologies and design techniques. Modern fit-out and furniture in the interior of modern bedroom looks very attractive. This style is popular all over the world, and belongs to the luxury segment.

Based on the proven techniques in fit-out, design and decoration in this bedroom creates an elegant, but extremely modern atmosphere. In the interior of this modern bedroom you will be met with monochrome solutions — beige, light brown and various shades of white. Strict lines, clear geometry, love for even volumes and structures. The interior fit-out of the modern bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design is soft and smooth, but at the same time elegant and refined.


A stylish, modern bedroom by Luxury Antonovich Design is made by design that is thought out to every detail, elegant fit-out and functional elements that will favorably emphasize the individual taste and make the room more comfortable and intimate. Elegant furniture — a wooden bed with high upholstered headboard in leather to match the fit-out and curtains color, the console from an array of precious woods, complete with bedside tables create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere.

Natural materials are always in trend. This includes both fit-out materials and raw materials for the manufacturing of furniture and decorative elements in the process of creation the amazing design of a modern bedroom project from Luxury Antonovich Design. Natural materials never leave their positions in the sphere of interior design. There is nothing that can warm the interior of a modern bedroom as much as the presence of natural wood. Beautiful tree drawing and its texture bring us closer to nature, and contribute to creating a harmonious and balanced picture of the bedroom. Wood harmonizes with the surfaces of light and dark colors in fit-out, choosing the conceptual contrast.

The design of the ceiling in the bedroom depends mainly on the taste of the owner, and may be completely different. In this project, the modern bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design, our designers used in the ceiling decoration a stretch French construction in which the original designer pendant chandeliers were mounted. Two-level lighting is ideally used to create a particularly cozy atmosphere. The walls according to the tradition of modern style are painted in a pleasant shade of cocoa color. Years of experience, the use of advanced technologies and modern equipment allow Luxury Antonovich Design to ensure that the bedroom turnkey fit-out will be implemented perfectly.

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