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Consulting Services In The Field Of Construction


The key tasks in the construction or repair of any object is to implement the project in strict accordance with the approved documentation and to prevent overspending of funds. Construction involves the participation in the project of a significant number of contractors and the presence of a huge amount of related documentation. Of particular importance in this context is acquiring competent control by the customer at all stages — from drawing up the accounting and estimate documentation for construction contracts to estimating the volume and quality of the work performed.

Construction consulting is professional expert appraisal in the field of construction, construction audit, technical expertise, inspection and analysis of construction documentation. The goal of Luxury Antonovich Design construction consulting is:

— Reduction of the project implementation period;

— Reduction of financial costs;

— Construction risk control.

Construction, engineering and architectural consulting company Luxury Antonovich Design represents the department of construction support and projects. The department has a unique team of specialists in various fields: lawyers, economists, architects, engineers, estimators, designers, decorators and auditors. Our specialists:

  • review documentation from various angles, identifying all existing risks; 
  • approach the clients' tasks in a comprehensive manner, without stopping at a simple solution of the identified problems; 
  • participate in negotiations with the contractor, seeking a legitimate reduction of the contractual cost of the work or collecting money overpaid by the client, if settlements with the contractor have already been made. 


Specialists of our company provide professional advice to all participants in the construction process. Our goal is to help the owner or investor manage the value of the object and effectively build relationships with contractors.

Luxury Antonovich Design provides our customers with:

  1. Project documentation consulting; 
  2. Budget consulting; 
  3. Financial monitoring, financial and technical audit; 
  4. Environmental consulting; 
  5. Production and technical consulting; 
  6. Construction and installation consulting; 
  7. Technical supervision; 
  8. Investment and construction audit; 
  9. Construction cost management. 

Various aspects of building design, fire safety, environmental safety, protection from destruction and collapse, energy efficiency — take into account all these subtleties of legislation and at the same time avoid additional costs — this is the main help of Luxury Antonovich Design construction consultants.

Our company provides a full range of development services. We solve all tasks related to the development of territories, design and construction: from the selection and design of a land plot to real estate management, including attracting investors and increasing the value of land or property.

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