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Classic Style Office Design And Fit-Out


Home office is the face of the house owner, so its prestige and image depends on the quality of its design. This is the place where important business contracts are concluded and meetings with potential partners or clients take place.

The wood fit-out of home office project by Luxury Antonovich Design is a real classic of refined interior design that is always relevant and popular. Due to this, the working area looks elegant and cozy, and therefore the productivity of labor increases significantly. The wood trim and interior fit-out gives the room a luxurious look.

The exclusive wooden fit-out of the home office gives the working space an individual atmosphere and its own style. An array of precious wood is used for an attractive, noble fit-out design of walls, floors and ceilings, and for the manufacture of individual custom furniture.


A classic home office with English motifs is a real work of art, when real professionals of our company Luxury Antonovich Design are involved. Competent approach, design of the home office and high-quality fit-out creates the interior and atmosphere of the cabinet, contributing to increased working capacity throughout the working time and reduced fatigue, thanks to the design solutions and properly selected natural materials. Home office from Luxury Antonovich Design, the interior of which is made of wood, is distinguished by a special atmosphere, soft, warm color, respectable, and at the same time cozy look.

A separate place in this elegant home office from Luxury Antonovich Design belongs to the furniture. In this project of home office in classic style, our designers used furniture only from wood and only with natural fabrics and leather. The color of the furniture and the color of the walls are perfectly combined.

The first thing the guest pays attention to when entering the office is the table. It looks great, comfortable and roomy. It was equally important to choose the right cabinets, shelves and racks so that all the documents and decor items could be placed in right places. The table and the rest of the upholstered furniture in the form of armchairs upholstered in light brown leather in the office are selected in the same style. Designers of Luxury Antonovich Design approached the choice of lighting competently — they used a classical chandelier with original shades and decorative elements, as well as beautiful wall sconces and spotlights to create a bright atmosphere.

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