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Choosing Textiles to Suit Your Home's Style


We all want to create the interior of our dreams, but what makes the interior perfect ?! In our opinion, these are details such as the color of the walls, a combination of curtains and pillows on the sofa. If details are just as important to you, then Luxury Antonovich Design advice should not be left without your attention. Textiles and window coverings in our collections cover various topics: oriental motifs, travel, marine style and floral and animal prints.

Katrina Antonovich And Her Textile Collection

Textiles in the interior are an integral part of the decoration of any modern home. It is it that makes the room cozy, helps to put the right accents, make the design original and add the desired fleur, which the designer conceived.


Curtains in the interior play a very important role and at the same time, it is a rather complex element of decor. Most importantly, be sure to consider the area for which the design is selected, for example:

  • Heavy curtains with strong design are more suitable for a bedroom, which will not let in extra light and give the necessary intimacy to the room. Color is better to choose a dark, soft shade.

  • For the living room and seating area, it is better to choose something bright, smooth, flying and full of colors. This zone assumes a relaxed atmosphere, so heavy fabrics and monotony are redundant here.

When choosing textile elements, consider the natural lighting, the shady or sunny side of the apartment it is. The color scheme depends on this. For the living room, it is better to choose natural fabrics. They will not fade in the sun and protect from the cold in winter. A good reason to give preference to natural fabrics is also the fact that they are particularly durable from similar ones. Living room — this is the place where the owners and guests are most and the textiles that are present there should endure everything.

Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the leaders in the textile industry. Interior fabrics, curtains, carpets, linens and accessories are created for luxurious interiors with a special character. If you have not picked up textiles for your home or want to upgrade the current one, Luxury Antonovich Design will be your worthy choice.

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