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Buy Modern Floor Lamp And Get Original Interior Accessory


Floor lamps occupy a special place among other types of lighting equipment. Having acquired completely new forms and functional properties, today this lighting fixture is returning to modern interiors. They, more often than other lighting devices, are made personally by the designers of the collection.

Katrina Antonovich And Incredible Floor Lamps Design

The floor lamp has the amazing property of eroding the boundaries of the room. As a rule, such a lamp is equipped with a lampshade that can create an atmosphere of calm and comfort. Floor lamps can be decorative or functional. The latter is intended to illuminate the room, and the first group acts more as decor items. The modern variety of lampshades made of a wide variety of materials — from textile to plastic, allows you to fit such a lamp produced by Luxury Antonovich Design into any interior.


Lovers to spend the evening in a comfortable chair with their favorite book have long known what a floor lamp is. This is a universal lamp that not only illuminates a separate area of the room, but also performs a decorative function. Floor lamps on long elegant legs visually make any room higher. Interior designers from Luxury Antonovich Design advise to use a floor lamp if you need to “push apart” the walls, make the room light, strict. Cozy warm light that accelerates the darkness, graceful silhouette of a lamp, what else is needed for happiness?

A floor lamp can be classic — with one lampshade, or in the form of a candelabrum — from two or more lampshades of various colors. In the company’s catalog you can find not only traditional white and pink shades, but also futuristic ones — glass, steel or even extravagant black, red. Our designers make them from materials that scatter light well. Classic -are made from fabric or rice paper, but increasingly elegant and impractical fabric is replaced by acrylic plastic or blown glass. The shape of the lampshade in the floor lamp is most often made in the form of a cone, but in modern lamps by Luxury Antonovich Design it can be either spherical or parallelepiped. Thanks to such a variety, a floor lamp can be selected for a room made in any style. And several tall floor lamps — more than two meters — can even replace ceiling lighting.

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