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Artistic Gypsum Interior Decoration And Fit-Out


For interior fit-out of the room our designers use various decorative elements. They can differ in material, appearance, method of installation and service life. Gypsum stucco from Luxury Antonovich Design is a popular way of fit-out. Our gypsum products are characterized by strength, practicality, durability, and wear resistance. The gypsum molded objects made by our talented and skillful craftsmen are sculptures, namely relief images for the decoration and fit-out of ceilings and walls that resemble real painting, represented by real volumes. Interior design attracts special attention in the style of classicism, and stucco molding from gypsum can emphasize the status of the house.

Katrina Antonovich - Artist, Designer And Architect

Luxury Antonovich Design Company is engaged in professional creation of gypsum stucco decoration. Samples of stucco are made by the unique author's drawings of our architects and designers. The work of the company's artists includes the preparation of sketches, the production of models, the installation and the decision on the color of the decorative product. Interior decoration with handmade gypsum stucco from Luxury Antonovich Design is associated with museums, luxurious manors, and palaces. If you want your house to look like a palace and have a unique, sophisticated style, use the stucco decoration from gypsum by Luxury Antonovich Design.


Gypsum molding in the design of this mansion sets the right mood for the whole interior of the house. For each room our designers used cornices, friezes and moldings with differences in ornaments, proportions and profiles, subject to the same style. This approach allows to subtly develop the main artistic theme inherent in the whole house.

Gypsum stucco in the interior by Luxury Antonovich Design can not just perform the role of a decorative element. The molded decor is universal in application: it is able to hide the flaws of the room, engineering elements (pipes, wiring), smooth or emphasize corners, form a feeling of a different spatial sensation, emphasize a particular style, or simply deliver aesthetic pleasure from contemplating intricate stucco patterns on the ceiling and walls. 

Thanks to the competent design, almost any ceiling and walls of this cottage can be turned into a dominant part of the interior. For the ceiling and walls fit-out with gypsum stucco we used such decorative elements as: curbs, sockets, cornices and friezes. Thanks to modern technologies and components, manufactured gypsum stucco moldings by Luxury Antonovich Design are advantageously resistant to mechanical damage, which allows to significantly expand the scope of application of natural gypsum stucco molding in the interior for exclusive decor.

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