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Artistic Design Of Ceiling Paintings


Unusual and exclusive is always in fashion. Therefore, the artistic painting of ceilings attracts an increasing number of admirers. Artistic painting of ceilings is a long-time method of fit-out. The uniqueness of the artistic painting by Luxury Antonovich Design is that any plot can be applied to the ceiling surface, which allows getting a unique interior solution for any room. Ceiling painting is one of the most interesting and challenging tasks for designer and artist. Everything is important here: a strong drawing, possession of a light and aerial perspective, special skills of applying paints.

Katrina Antonovich - Amazing Carpets Designer

Advantages of ceilings painted by our craftsmen:

— the possibility of developing a unique interior design;

— the absence of formal restrictions on the choice of the plot image;

— the creation of visual effects for space conversion;

— easy care.

In addition to the decorative effect, painted ceilings solve practical problems. Competent selection of colors and textures, the correct definition of the object of the image helps to visually increase the height of the ceiling, improve illumination or dim too bright streams of light.

Depending on the general concept of room design, the painting style by Luxury Antonovich Design can be: traditional with realistic images of pictures of nature, people, plants and animals, decorative with geometric patterns in Baroque style, and abstract. The color scheme is determined by the colors of the walls and floor, furniture and accessories:

  • Monochrome painting, requiring special attention to the background, textured primer; 
  • Grisaille — playing up different tones of the same color; 
  • Classical painting, are often made in pastel colors, without bright contrasts. 


The painting on the ceiling from Luxury Antonovich Design may be different, but always corresponds to the purpose of the interior. When creating a sketch, our designers and decorators take into account the specifics of the room. Ceiling painting in the study or living room is different from the ceiling painting in the bedroom or in the children's room. Everything depends on the task and the preferences of the client.

It is very popular to decorate the ceiling with the sky images. Adding branches, flowers and birds to the composition organizes a very delicate and romantic space, especially if the shape of the ceiling is not deep, round or oval. The ceiling paintings with sky images are a good decoration for a bedroom, boudoir or children's room.

Art painting is a great opportunity not only to renew your home and make it more unusual and interesting, but also an ideal way to reflect your vision of the world, your inner world, to convey to your home an atmosphere that will be in tune with your sense of taste, mood and sense of beauty.

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