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Aristocratic Marble Mosaic Design


Increasingly, modern design uses a mosaic of natural marble. This is understandable, because this material has proven itself for centuries as a very reliable and durable. Natural marble over time does not change color and texture. Mosaic of natural marble will bring comfort and luxury into your home, make the interior original and unique. In our company you can choose a stone mosaic from marble, onyx, travertine and other stones of various colors and sizes for your interior.

Katrina Antonovich Shows Her Team Interesting Design Solutions

Luxury Antonovich Design Company presents to your attention a tile-mosaic of marble of its own production. Mosaic tiles made from this natural stone, has a number of aesthetic and practical advantages. If you are a fan of bright oriental art or classic Italian style, then it is probably difficult for you to imagine your room without using marble mosaics in the interior. And rightly so, marble has always been a sign of good taste, as well as stability and constancy. Using even smooth pieces, our designers are able to put together any pattern. Although marble mosaic patterns can often be found in Turkish baths, old-fashioned hotels, it can be used in modern offices and residential areas to decorate your daily life and make it more sophisticated.


In the production of marble mosaic from Luxury Antonovich Design, different marble breeds are used, which are characterized by their uniqueness and unique patterns. The unsurpassed color of natural stone, the unusual play of textures of each mosaic image makes the material truly unique. Marble mosaic from Luxury Antonovich Design can be successfully used for wall and floor cladding, providing not only a solid, luxurious interior, but also guaranteeing many years of operation.

Marble mosaic is an excellent facing material for bathrooms, shower cabins, toilets, facing kitchen surfaces, swimming pools, Turkish baths, wall and floor facing in rooms with high humidity. Only a mosaic of marble will allow you to uniquely decorate the walls, the ceiling, various niches and even asymmetrical plasterboard structures. Modern marble mosaic is a set of small pieces of marble, which differ from each other in texture. Recently, this fit-out material is at the peak of popularity. Its use allows you to create a majestic aristocratic atmosphere in any room. Where marble is presented, luxury, wealth and sophistication always reside.

Marble mosaic, panel, decorative elements, marble friezes and other products made of marble by Luxury Antonovich Design attract attention with special naturalness. Natural beauty captivates and attracts. Each stone that was used to create the mosaic has an original color. You will never find a repeating pattern in the structure of the stone — each element of natural marble is unique.

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