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Engineering Consulting Services

World-Class Engineering Consulting Services

Luxury Antonovich Design is providing a Very Professional Engineering Consulting Services towards every Project executions, Our Construction, and Engineering Team is an integrated that controls all the project measures with every design management to bring out a very stylistic Architectural Design. We are providing very professional technical procedures with absolute conformity with the design documentation with the final approvals from the client and project owners. Our Engineering Team is doing the project supervision in every step and stages of work to make sure that the design will be accurate according to the plan and proposed scheme. Luxury Antonovich Design is always making sure that the full design of every project will be very well implemented directly by the developer that aware of the full project features in accordance with all calculations. Luxury Antonovich Design has the world-class Engineering team and Project Managers that have the ability to execute local and international project either is residential, commercial, or industrial structure. Luxury Antonovich Design Engineering and Consultant Services performs cohesive project operations with a high quality of work that comes naturally along its many years of working experience world wide.

Out Engineering Services Including:

• Full Project turnkey

• Selection of Exterior Design Materials

• Architectural decorations selection

• Coordination of trades, installation schedules, and project timelines

• Sustainable Design and Engineering Works Executions

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