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Pink colors in bedroom

The embodiment of a fairy tale into reality looks that way. This stunning interior of a kid's room for the little girl was a real dream come true about the own castle for the young princess. The studio Luxury Antonovich Design interior designers literally penetrated in the world of children's fantasies, to create a luxurious and charming interior of child's bedroom. Since this is a little princess, of course, the most suitable range of colors is pink. Authors of the project came to a very creative design of the room.The headboard behind a large comfortable bed was built into a cabinet in a fairytale castle style with open shelves.Interior designers created charming moments in the room. In this cabinet, favorite toys like as have their small rooms. A special attention would like to draw on the ceiling decoration in the child's room.Looking at such a ceiling, it is possible to dream of the fairy-tale, a sublime, and a beautiful.Niche on the ceiling framed by a decorative painting depicting a blue sky, birds of paradise and flowering trees.Along the whole perimeter, the niche is lit by backlighting line, making it more expressive and beautiful.At the center of the ceiling, the interior highlighted by a beautiful chandelier with crystal pendants and snow-white plafonds. Curtains design perfectly matches the interior concept of child's room. Curtains made from delicate silk pink hue complemented by a set of folds in the form of bows. This luxurious interior in classic style is full of pure emotions bright joy.Every detail is perfect and is designed to educate impeccable taste.


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