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Games, lessons, rest require a certain environment and certain conditions. The little owner of this children's room was lucky enough to become the owner of a separate zone for games and learning. According to the house design project for the children's room interior, two rooms were provided for the youngest daughter of the owners of a country villa. This is a children's bedroom and, of course, stylish playroom. The area of the room is relatively small, but thanks to high ceilings, the authors of the project create a decor that visually enlarges the room. Since this room belongs to the girl, then gently pink and cream shades were chosen as the basis for the color solution. High windows are stylishly curtained with beautiful curtains in a modern style from pink silk velvet, which below complemented with a wide edging from the same fabric of a pleasant lime green tint. In the decor of the walls, the best world designers use original wallpaper from collections for children's rooms and author's decorative elements made of natural wood that depict the motives of children's fairy tales. The most popular material for floorings in children's rooms is parquet, thanks to the nice properties of natural wood. This creates a warm and cozy environment and also ensures the environmental friendliness of the premises. All the furniture for this the children's playroom interior is designed according to the author's sketches of designers. The design of the children's room is completely subordinated to the dreams and fantasies of the child and will surely provide a comfortable and cozy environment every day. 


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