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Kids bedroom design Lagos


Luxury Antonovich Design has performed a very special set for this luxurious bedroom interior design for girls. This very stylish bedroom interior design for girls is situated as part of one of the precious bedrooms of an expensive villa design in Lagos. As the top interior design company, Luxury Antonovich Design has been the top-recommended and reliable company that offers international services all over the world. South African clients have been patronizing Luxury Antonovich Design company for many years already. In fact, Luxury Antonovich Design has accomplished several huge architectures and interior design projects in South Africa, especially in Kenya and Nigeria. South African clients are naturally creative not only in fashion and lifestyle but also when it comes to styling their houses. Over many years of service providing exceptional developments towards luxurious projects and expensive villa design in South Africa, Luxury Antonovich Design knows exactly about every particular detail of style that they prefer to have. Complete project implementation up to a turnkey solution for palaces, restaurants, expensive villa design, etc. is one of the famous creations of Luxury Antonovich Design in South Africa that has very successful and satisfied clients towards every turnkey stage.

This luxurious bedroom interior design for girls is part of an expensive villa design project in Lagos. The entire house is filled with the most glamorous and expensive decoration and furniture set up as it has a classical interior design concept. Even this bedroom is being required to have feminine touches of style, Luxury Antonovich Design still manages to create very luxurious details of gypsum, walls, ceiling, and even every selection of lighting, chandeliers, and decorations to sustain a consistent interior design mood for the expensive villa design which has a classical concept. There is a three single bed in this room which has been perfectly arranged in the right and balance alignment having an equally beautiful and stylish bed arrangement. A very stylish gold detail has been performed as a very special accent towards the walls and ceiling which perfectly matches with the lighting and chandelier design. Luxury Antonovich Design has selected the finest fabrics which are made up of premium class materials and design for the linens and bedsheets as well as for the curtain and shades.

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