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Modernity and simplicity of modern style with accents of minimalism in the interior of this bedroom look very magnificent and respectable. The Luxury Antonovich Design studio' designers were tasked to create a comfortable and harmonious living environment for the eldest sixteen years old son of the owners of an apartment. Interiors for teens are a special direction in design. In such projects, there is a fine line between the design concept of a children's room and an interior for adults. For this project, interior designers Dubai UAE offered a warm palette of pastel shades. Furniture in the style of minimalism made of natural valuable wood filled the room with a cozy mood and functionality. To make the interior of the children's bedroom more lively and dynamic, the authors of the project decorate one of the walls with a large photo panel depicting the cityscape of the modern metropolis. The rest of the walls is decorated with elite wallpaper in a light palette with a geometric ornament. To decorate the window, the Antonovic Design Studio' textile designers offered luxurious silk in beige tones, which was collected into even creases of drapery. Many open shelves allow you to not clutter up the space of the room, but, on the contrary, make it easier and more functional. Elite light parquet and a natural carpet perfectly fit in the interior of the bedroom for a teeny. In such a room, a young owner can comfortably rest after days filled with events. To ensure a different intensity of lighting, the authors of the project use a traditional chandelier and a lot of modern ceiling lamps. best wardrobe designs, black interior designers, boutique design ideas

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