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Fashionable interiors of 2018 by the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design is an interesting mix of natural materials, the feeling of absolute comfort and ultramodern design decisions. This bedroom interior in a modern style, in general, expresses the whole essence of fashion trends. One such trend is improvisation with geometric ornaments. With the help of the right forms and lines, interior designers create very picturesque and expressive interior options unique. If you look more closely at the interior of this cozy and comfortable bedroom, then you will notice an interesting game of geometry in every corner of the room. A high white ceiling in the niche in the center, the authors of the project was decorated with a grid ornament of circles. A soft natural carpet of light beige hue with a light ornament from a grid of hexagons is interestingly contrasting with this part of the decor. This geometry simultaneously fills the space with clarity and expressiveness, and with the warmth of nature itself. After all, these hexagons exactly repeat the configuration of honeycombs. Next, we turn our attention to the main subject of the bedroom interior, namely a large bed with a high soft headboard. The headboard of the bed in the upholstery made of luxurious textiles became single piece with the decor of the accent wall. The soft panel with parallel lines in upholstery made of light natural leather looks very beautiful in the frame of mirror panels with a geometric pattern that echoes with the pattern on the carpet. Minimalism in the decor of curtains and walls makes this part of the interior more vivid and expressive. 

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