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Bedroom Interior in Oriental Style

The best solution for the most discerning connoisseurs of luxury is offered by a design studio Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design. The grand architectural project of the villa in Abu Dhabi has included the development of the interior design of several bedrooms. The bedroom of the villa owners exudes the charm of the palatial luxury. The designers intertwined wonderful traditions with innovative ideas and formed the basis of this masterpiece. A delightful combination of royal blue and gold sets a festive mood. Every detail of the interior is impressive for its beauty. The gem of this project is the luxurious bed, the role of the headboard is performed by wall decor. Soft wall panel with characteristic outlines is framed with exquisite carved decoration, which is covered with gold leaf. House Design Abu Dhabi underscores the nobel status of the owner of the house. Bedroom interior gives sublime and festive mood. The floors are decorated with exquisite artistic parquet with fanciful swirls of carved patterns. Interior design as a fine art from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design is based on a subtle interweaving of traditions and new technologies, innovative ideas of designers and impeccable implementation them into life. Customers of the studio have a unique opportunity to enjoy a luxurious interior, which is unique. Upscale visualization of the project allows in detail to consider each detail, every curl of the future interior. A large panoramic window is curtained white translucent curtains and tulle of elegant noble silk in rich colors.

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