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Master Bedroom design in classic style

The incredible tenderness, sophistication, and elegance embodied in the interior of this beautiful bedroom in a classic style.The gentle character is based on pleasant pastel shades, dominated by cream and pale peach color. In the cottage plan, a bedroom on the second floor with a large panoramic window envisaged. Due to this, the bedroom gets a sufficient amount of natural light.To give the room a finished look, the interior designers have proposed for a window decor beautiful Italian curtains. In general design of curtains always harmoniously continues the design concept of the interior. Curtains for the bedroom should also be in harmony with the decoration of the bed. Elite luxurious silk curtains and curtains with handmade embroidery the bedroom interior are beautifully decorated. Wallpapers in the bedroom, authors of the project decided to replace with such material for wall decoration as decorative plaster. Gracefully and good looking the stucco decoration of the walls.Plaster decoration of gypsum in each work of talented designers acquires a special appearance.In this bedroom interior project, stucco on the wall beautifully combined with the stucco decoration on the ceiling. Photorealistic visualization of the projects that we offer to our customers also reflect methods of interior lighting. Beautiful chandelier surrounded by gilded stucco petals and expanded by lines backlighting and round ceiling lights.For decoration floorings, we offered light-colored Italian marble and luxury natural carpet. The interior of the bedroom is the ideal place for a comfortable stay.


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