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Splendor Bedroom Interior

The interior, which embodies the tenderness and sophistication. The interior, which is filled with happiness and festive mood. These are the emotions brought by this delightful beauty of the bedroom interior. Bedroom design is a separate area of work, which in the design studio Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design we focus on. To work on a project of bedroom interior we came up with a special joy and attention. The whole villa design Abu Dubi is in the classical style. This was a perfect way to emphasize the high status and respectability of its owner. Keeping the mood of finery and splendor in every room, interior designers Abu Dhabi complemented each room with unique characteristics. One of the bedrooms has got a very gentle and romantic character. It is a luxury that can be enjoyed forever. Luxury, which gives a sensual and aesthetic pleasure. Luxury bed is covered with silk bedspreads in soft lilac and cream colours. The decoration of the bed is in perfect harmony with the design of the large window in the bedroom. Bedroom interior design combines fine traditions and innovative ideas. The high ceiling is decorated with stucco and two elegant chandeliers with wrought iron elements and crystal pendants. Headboard is inlaid with carved decor, curls of which are duplicated in stucco decoration. The highlight of the interior has become a niche with soft blue backlight, which has become one unit with the luxury bed. Boiserie is filled with silk wallpapers with lace pattern. On the floor a soft carpet of purple and cream colors looks deliciously.

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