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Luxury Bedroom in Classic

When the dreams of our customers take on very specific forms of luxurious interiors, it brings a sense of happiness and joy, both for customers and for us. We give all our talent, experience and inspiration to create the perfect environment in which everything is dedicated to the comfort of homeowners. Luxurious bedroom design is full of moments of beauty and unique accents. Villa Design Dubai is in the style of modern classics with a light oriental overtones and elegant touches of Art Deco. Masterfully combining traditions of styles and adding to each of them novelty and improvisation, interior designers create projects of luxury homes, never happen again. The integrity of the image of the luxury bedroom interior is based on the consistency of shades of gold and turquoise. The highlight of the interior design was the ceiling. Niche in the form of a dome with the outline of a large flower from the inside is completely covered with gold leaf. Against this background luxury crystal chandelier shines, which is complemented with small spotlights of similar configuration. Houses Design Dubai fully reflects the high status and respectability of homeowners. And this applies to the interior of one of the bedrooms. Luxury ceiling is outlined with a wide molding with exquisite gilded stucco wave. The elegant ceiling design is continued in no less elegant wall decorations. Textile panel of turquoise velvet is wonderfully combined with half-columns with refined capitals. The combination of creamy, gold and turquoise filled the interior with bright colors.

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